🦺Token Utility

Designed to incentivize participation, facilitate transactions, and ensure the integrity and value of the assets within the VoidZ platform. Our token economics are structured to support a sustainable ecosystem for gamers, developers, and collectors alike.

Tokens within our ecosystem serve multiple critical functions:

Token Gating

Access to features, such as the NFT trading platform, requires token ownership. This mechanism ensures that our services are utilized by community members and helps maintain a high-quality user base and asset pool.


Tokens are the primary currency for transactions on our platform, including buying and selling NFTs and renting GPU server power. This use promotes a liquid marketplace where assets can be traded and valued in a standardized currency.

Asset Tokenization and Creation

Creating NFTs and tokenizing game assets requires the burning of tokens. This process not only gates the creation of new assets, ensuring their uniqueness and value but also helps regulate the token supply.

Service Access

Tokens are used to access premium services, such as dedicated GPU servers. This ensures that our most valuable resources are allocated efficiently.

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