This section addresses some of the most commonly asked questions about VoidZ and its innovative offerings.

What is VoidZ?

VoidZ is a platform designed to integrate gaming and blockchain. It facilitates the on-chain tokenization of gaming assets from both web2 and web3 environments, enabling them to be traded, speculated upon, and owned in a decentralized manner. VoidZ wants to democratize the ownership of gaming assets, making them accessible to a broader audience of gamers, collectors, and investors alike.

Why should I tokenize my gaming assets with VoidZ instead of trading them through traditional platforms?

Traditional platforms like Steam have long held a monopoly over the trading and utilization of gaming assets, limiting their potential for broader investment and speculation. VoidZ breaks these boundaries by tokenizing assets, making them tradeable on the blockchain.

How does asset ownership transfer work with VoidZ?

When you buy a tokenized asset through VoidZ, you're purchasing a digital token that represents the original gaming asset. This token, or vNFT, is embedded with a unique identifier that links it directly to its off-chain counterpart. Owning the vNFT grants you ownership rights over the original asset, allowing you to redeem, trade, or hold it as you see fit.

What kinds of assets can be tokenized with VoidZ?

VoidZ is designed to tokenize a wide range of gaming assets that have the functionality to be traded or gifted off-chain. Our ambition is to expand to include assets from many games and platforms, broadening the tokenizable assets.

How does VoidZ handle potential bans from gaming ecosystems?

VoidZ operates within the rules and regulations of gaming ecosystems to avoid any potential bans on vaults holding these assets. Our platform is designed with compliance in mind, ensuring that the tokenization process does not conflict with the terms of service of other platforms.

What's the advantage of tokenizing gaming assets?

Tokenizing gaming assets opens them up to a market of collectors and investors who are interested in the value appreciation of these assets, rather than their in- game utility. VoidZ enables these assets to be owned and traded on the blockchain.

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