📖The Overview

VoidZ - Tokenization of Gaming Assets for Players and GPU Rental for Gaming Studios

Transform in-game items into real-world assets and get support by AI trading. Experience an ecosystem where play earns its keep.

This documentation aims to provide a technical overview of all parts that touch and affect VoidZ. The goal is for you as a reader to get a broader insight into what the purpose of VoidZ is and why the product exists.

Gaming and gaming culture have perhaps never before been stronger or more extensive than they are right now. Whether we are talking traditional gaming at a computer, mobile gaming on the sofa, or VR-based games that literally take us into the world of the game, gaming has cemented itself as an industry that is growing explosively with each passing year. Despite the enormous growth and all the possibilities that gaming actually means, the real value of gaming assets - such as skins in CS2, DotA and Team Fortress - they remain bound and isolated by the traditional gaming market. VoidZ sees the opportunity to instead unlock the unlockable and allow players worldwide to take control of their belongings, and developers to be able to develop with the support of reliable GPU power and easy-to-use tokenization possibilities.

VoidZ is what can be called a Synthetic Liquidity Protocol for Omnichain (Cross-chain) Tokenization that concerns Gaming Real World Assets (RWAs). VoidZ wants to be part of the development of transforming traditional gaming items locked by their game makers into investment and exchange opportunities. Our aim is to unlock the financial potential behind these gaming assets by making them accessible and tradeable as RWA's tokens on the blockchain. In breathtakingly highly valued markets such as CS2 and the in-game skins market in general, there is potential for VoidZ to benefit players, developers, and other stakeholders who see the possibilities of being able to use the blockchain in combination with gaming.

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